Ernst Altien

The Teenies.

In the end of the decade the minimalistic delicacy of expression got his interest, and he turned to more fragile and unconventional materials seeking the highest possible clarity and simplicty in the paintings, while he concentrated on the human face as token of life in its most important form. There are some examples below. He also sent this kind of work to juried exhibitions and was admittted to Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2011 and RÅ, Roskilde åben 2011, where he even got 2. award. One day I asked him, why he had chosen such a difficult and non popular approach, and he just told me, It is is because it is so important to explore. And I really like the delicacy and fragility of the expression. These paintings are not beautiful or mainstreem, but they carry the message in a form cleaner than I have experienced before. 

One day he left a whole pile of these fragile works in my studio, and later on I stored them in the attic of my house. Below are examples of this very groundbreaking minimalistic way of working.