Ernst Altien

The 90ies

I don┤t think Ernst painted very much in the 90ties. He had left his occultism and skipped every contact with the group, whose members I never met and only heard about. They used covernames, so I listened to many strange stories about the great master, the lady with the umbrella and the hero wearing dark glasses and several others heavy types, but strangely enough I never really understood their commitment to the cause. I suspected Ernst just wantet easy sex with the confused and horny women, but he fiercely denied that.

He bought a small house in the countryside. It was very cheap and needed quite a lot of  work to be habitable, but he went to the task with great entusiasm. He must still have had some of the mysteriously acquired money, for he stopped working for several years, so he could repair the old house. One day when I visited him some  types came and picked up five paintings which looked like work from the 19th century. Maybe that was the way he got his money. Nobody knows.  He used a lot of time on painting techniques especially from the beginning of the 19th century and he discussed during long hours, if the palet  that C. W. Eckersberg taught his students and which is  mentioned by an old guy called Hannover, was the same as professor Roed taught according to the notes of the Danish painter P. S. Kr°yer - and other aspects of far out stuff like that.

But his absorbtion in the various techniques gave him a strong foundation for artistic development. I only know two paintings from the 90ies, but they both shows, that he has learned a lot of new methods, but also that he was working very much in old style.

Winter landscape. Ernst Altien 1995.  




  The big cat. 1999.